Logitech g940 my ideas and musings

I’ve had a couple of days with the G940 and wanted to go alongside my thoughts.

I will not go over the majority of the looks issues that have already been covered. My impression to-date is that the G940 is a excessive quality product. If there’s something I’d physically change with the G940, it will be to make the rudder pedals a bit wider and permit a bit longer throw. The Simped pedals have spoiled me massive time.

The logitech G940 has a bit of a learning curve, setting it up with various games because it’s seen as 3 separate controllers in some and not others. For example, the Joy X axis on the joystick is pitch and it’s possible you’ll discover that Joy X axis is used on the throttle as nicely when the throttle is seen as a special controller. So it takes a little bit of trial and error to get the whole lot set up to your liking if you happen to’re not used to assigning separate axis to separate controllers. Additionally some games require you to invert the axis to get a correct response in game.

The G940 simply adapts itself nicely to assigning buttons instantly through the sport, as in Black Shark, LockOn, Rise of Flight, FSX and others, or by use of the Logitech programing software. As well as, you need to use a mixture of the 2 – As an example, the Logitech software does issues like cycle commands which you’ll’t do with the identical DX button in a game, or you may assign a button to one of the in sport modifiers (like RAlt) that is used in Black Shark to get multiple command out of a DX button task in-game.

It additionally takes some trial and error getting the Pressure Feedback and axis sensitivity set as much as your liking. For example, I’ve set the rudder axis to the lowest sensitivity at full range to get the most effective response in Black Shark. (which is required due to the short throw of the rudder pedals inflicting the rudder response to be oversensitive at some other setting)

One of the greatest issues to understand with the G940 with Black Shark is to be able to achieve the right trimmer stick response it’s a must to put a piece of tape over the optical dead-man change or the joystick is not going to hold the trimmed position if you let go of it. This isn’t a giant deal, and in other games you will find that you’ll must take the tape off. For example in Rise of Flight, the bumps on the bottom are felt by the stick on landing. It’s an awesome impact, but for those who let go of the follow the tape still on, the stick will continue to buck it is approach throughout your desk.

Up to now I’ve used the G940 in Black Shark, LockOn, Rise of Flight and FSX and total I’ve been very impressed with the immersion that FFB provides and the way properly the G940 performs. The tactical feedback the G940 supplies in game is impressive.

That is THE HOTAS for Black Shark. With the dead-man swap coated (so the stick stays within the trimmed place) Black Shark becomes a whole totally different game. It may take a bit of re-studying to get to your current comfort stage flying in Black Shark, however when you see how the trimmer really is supposed to work and uncover the accuracy that the Flight Director mode gives in strafing, assault runs and free flight it should change how you take a look at this simulation in my opinion.

LockOn, Rise of Flight and FSX additionally all have a special and extra real looking really feel – particularly with trimming and flying on the sting of the efficiency envelope. The tactile response the stick offers in these simulations is nothing short of great.

Total, I’m very impressed with the G940 HOTAS, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

That’s my 2 cents anyway.